The iL-TROLL chip
iL-TROLL based on an modified PIC 16F872. It has has a compact and very powerful built-in operation system. The duty of this SP-BIOS is the functionality of download and debug. So no additional programmer is necessary which is often a great barrier for beginners. Just a small interface for level shifting (RS232 to TTL) is necessary. The right schematic is available as PDF file.
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The iL-TROLL-TB1 testboard
For beginners means that all barriers are as low as possible. To reach this goal we developed this testboard. But we engineers want to work with it, too. So we created an unbelievable symbiosis of simplicity and efficiency.
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On this testboard are:
  • iL-TROLL chip
  • level shifter for download
  • comfortable and intelligent reset circuit
  • switching power supply (keeps cool)
  • buzzer
  • Potentiometer (3x)
  • buttons, dip switches
  • LEDs (11x)
  • LCD connector
  • connectors for all io lines

Additional hardware can be connected to iL-TROLL by flat cable, easily. So professionals have the oppertunaty of simple and easy programming without restrictions in adding hardware.
The IDE, compiler and debugger
The IDE, compiler and debugger are free of charge and can be downloaded here. A special release of iL_EDy, iL_BAS16 and the debugger has been bundled for iL-TROLL and its testboard. Simplicity is one part of success.
Bild der Entwicklungsumgebung Bild des Debuggers