the friendly Professor

Leaning and working easy

Be clever!

iL-TROLL isn't just another BASIC programmable microcontroller!

The majority of them have a built-in interpreter or token interpreter which works very, very slow.

But iL-TROLL is a revolution.

il-TROLL runs at max. speed (machine language) because no interpreter slows down.

iL-TROLL executes up to 1 Mio BASIC commands each second at 4 MHz clock.
NEW!!!  iL-TROLL B2 executes up to 5 Mio. BASIC commands per second (20 MHz xtal)

Low clock frequencies are important for less EMC and power consumption.

The IDE incl. iL_BAS16TRO (BASIC compiler) and debugger is free of charge!

The unique symbiosis of self-programming and debugging turns the IL-troll into the champion of the highest league


iL-TROLL the friendly Professor
(ready to use)

just for 189,00 Euro (incl. VAT)

Since 1982 we are developping hard- and software  in accordance your wishes
PIC is a Trademark of Microchip, Arizona
iL-TROLL is a Trademark of Ing.Büro Lehmann, Hausach