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We implemented a remote debuggers for the devices 16F628, 16F88, 16F87x and iL-TROLL. This allows you, with just one single io pin, to communicate with a computer via RS232. Keep in contact with your target. The software iL-DEBUG.EXE runs on your computer while in your target runs your application. $DEBUG is a compiler switch to include debugging code into your BASIC program. This additional debug code is not visible. A small bios in your target informs you computer about the actual BASIC line and the contents of variables. Because this additional code can corrupt some time critical routines the switches $TRON and $TROFF can suppress or enable the debug code. Your critical code runs at the same speed as it will do in the final application. This makes sens, doesn't it!
Debug commands are SINGLE STEP, CONTINOUS MODE, BREAKPOINTS. Watch and modify the variable values.

Other expansions and corrections
It's iL_BAS16 10th anniversary. It has been released in September 1995 for the first time. Many, many modifications and expansions have been made. Thank you very much. Without your hints, advices and helps its success would be less.
After iL_BAS16 became so powerful it is time to make it more flexible. We have many ideas.

Since December 2004 we did a lot of expansions and bugfixws.
New Release 5.6!!!

  • iL_BAS16STD and iL_BAS16PRO support PIC10F200, PIC10F202, PIC10F204 and PIC10F206
  • Many customers asked for connecting lcds via a parallel-serial converter such as the 74LS164. Selection can be done by the new command LCDTYPE n.
  • Bugfix: If using TMR0 for CLOCK timebase the pullups at RB were always turned off.
  • Bugfix: PRINT a decimal value was wrong.


  • "Flash Of Inspiration I" is now available as a kit with all required parts or ready-to-use.
  • New timebase for CLOCK command. Instead of using TMR0 as the timebase for CLOCK you can use TMR1 to get the internal interupt driven real time clock (if TMR1 is implemented). The new syntax is CLOCK1 and the parameter list is the same as for CLOCK.
  • New example programs for "Flash Of Inspiration I" (hardware-PWM and Analogue converting with comparator)
  • Chapter "FREQIN" in HELP and manual modified
09.08.2004 IMPORTANT!!!
  • There is an error in the "iL_ISP_U manual". In the chapter "Hints for ICSP programming" paragraph "General" the pin 1 and pin 5 are mixed up. The table must look as below:
    1 +5V from USB (don't use it)
    2 Data
    3 Ground (Vss)
    4 Clock
    5 Ground (Vss)
    6 Vdd (PIC power supply during programing)
    7 switch signal for relais (if necessary)
    8 Vpp (13.5V) to enter program/verify mode of the PIC
    download the latest bugfixed documation
  • Hello,
    vielleicht waren Sie in der letzten Zeit etwasmaybe you are a little be disappointed about missing changes on our homepage. Don't be afraid, we do not stop out products iL_BAS16, iL_SIM16 and iL_PRG16. In contrary, we developped two new products. These are the evaluation board "Flash Of Inspriration I" and iL_ISP_U that is a in-circuit programmer for USB. Please visit the sites.
  • The following modifications are done:
  • Bugfix in calculation of parity odd.
  • SERIN and/or SEROUT can be used with different baude rate and different parity.
  • Bugfix: When calculated DW = DW / BY the result could be wrong.
  • Bugfix: BINTOASC worked like BINTODEC.
  • Some bugfixes have to be done.
  • An alternative connection scheme for lcd is available. Now the upper 6 lines of an port are used to free RB0 which is often used as interrupt line. Two new keyword for LCDINIT are created: UPLINES and UPLINESX.
  • New BASIC comands are implemented: LOCATE y,x ; CURSON and CURSOFF for better lcd function.
  • Now 16F87, 16F88 and 16F628A are supported by iL_BAS16.
  • iL_EDy understands some Wordstar compatible hot keys. Now you can work more ... (what should I explain, I think you know)


  • Some bugfixes and some new function has been implemented. A new compiler switch $WDTUSR is now useable. Together with the new BASIC statement CLRWDT and WDT_ON in DEFINE DEVICE it is posible to supress the automatic insertation of clrwdt after each BASIC line. Therefore is is your responsibility to clear the watchdog periodically. Until now this must be done by assembler includes. The selected watchdog period is about 2.3 seconds.
  • We expand LET assignment for array variables. Now you can write LET field(var) = var1, const1,... (up to 10 arguments).
The new compiler release 5.5 is available now. The new features are:
  • 32 bit arithmetic (unsigned double word) for iL_BAS16PRO, the professional version. 32 bit variables gets the new type of DBLWORD.
  • Complete integration in MICROCHIP's MPLAB. Symbolic debugging of BASIC programms.
  • More optimisations within the 8 bit arithmetic and logic.
  • Conditional compiling (not nestable) with $IF, $ELSE and $ENDIF.
  • PRINT statement also for 16F627/628 and 16F818/819
  • Implementation of 4 I2C basic routines: I2CRD, I2CSP, I2CST and I2CWR
  • You may declare the LVP and BODEN bit within DEFINE DEVICE (like wdt_on, etc).
  • The new key word EEDATA(addr), data1,... predefines values for the internal data eeprom.
  • iL_BAS16SEP works now with: 12F629, 16F627, 16F628, 16F84 and 16F877.
  • also new in standard version iL_BAS16STD and professional version iL_BAS16PRO: 12F629, 12F675, 16F818 and 16F819
Microchip established for its PIC 16F87xA and PIC 16F818/819 a new programming algorithm. Therefore a new firmware release is available. Please contact us.
The software for iL_BAS16PRO our PIC prototype programer is now Windows program, too. We deliver this version since July 2002. To use this software a firmware upgrade of iL_PRG16PRO is necessary.
Since May 2001 a new Windows IDE is available (see Download) . Our PIC simulator iL_SIM16 is still a DOS program.
Since September 2000 all manuals are available as PDF files.
To newcomers we want to make their decision easier. Therefore we released two new low budget versions:
* iL_BAS16SES supports only 16F84 and costs only EURO 23,20 (incl. 16% VAT)
* iL_BAS16SEP supports 16F84 and 16F877! for only EURO 156,60 (incl. 16% VAT)
The shareware version for 16C83 (fits perfectly in the 16F84) is still free (Download).
If you want to upgrade you must only pay the difference in price!!

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